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Sinus Augmentation

Your sinuses are interconnected air pockets across your skull that are linked to your nasal cavity. The sinuses are located above your eyebrows and around your cheekbones; if you have ever had a sinus headache or sinus infection, you have likely felt heavy pressure between your eyebrows or at the bridge of your nose.

Occasionally, tooth loss can cause your sinuses to slip down further, interfering with other parts of your face and jaw. In this case, a sinus augmentation can help relocate the sinuses back to their original position. Sinus augmentations are often conducted in conjunction with another surgery, such as a bone graft or tooth implant. If you are in need of a sinus augmentation or believe you would benefit from one, reach out to a specialist. Union City Oral Surgery Group has a team of dedicated oral and maxillofacial surgeons who would be happy to consult and discuss your options with you.

Understanding Sinus Augmentation

Also commonly called a sinus lift, sinus augmentation is not as scary as it sounds. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that can be performed fairly quickly and cost-effectively.

What Is a Sinus Augmentation?

If you are getting a tooth implant and the jaw area is too weak, you will need a bone graft to rebuild the area. However, if your jaw is too weak to support your new implant, it is also likely it will be too weak to properly hold your sinus up in its proper position. Without a solid structure, the sinus will begin to slip, leaving your oral surgeon unable to perform a bone graft and proceed with the implant. The augmentation is used to push the sinus back up into its previous location so the rest of the procedures can be performed.

How It’s Done

As with any procedure, there are a couple of different ways to go about your sinus lift. Common steps to complete the procedure can include:

  • Oral or intravenous sedatives will be given to make for a painless experience. Your doctor may also choose to numb the area with a local anesthetic.
  • Once the sedative has kicked in, your doctor will identify and make an incision into the back area of the gum. This will expose the weakened jawbone.
  • A small cut will be made, with the doctor making sure to avoid the sinus membranes.
  • The cut portion of the bone will be lifted into the sinus cavity, which will in turn raise the sinus membrane to its original position.
  • If you are also undergoing a bone graft, they will apply that to the exposed bone.
  • The incision will then be closed by sutures and the procedure is complete.

Recovery from sinus augmentation is fairly quick and your oral surgeon will give you personalized steps to take following the surgery. Side effects often consist of mild pain, swelling, and sometimes minimal bleeding. If you have recently had a sinus augmentation and find you are experiencing debilitating pain or extreme amounts of blood, it is important you reach out to your oral specialist as soon as possible so they can begin to remedy the situation.

Why Would You Need a Sinus Augmentation?

To determine if you need a sinus augmentation or not, your oral surgeon will perform a series of examinations and x-rays. If they determine you need a dental implant, they will then identify if your jawbone is ready to receive one. If not, a sinus lift will be recommended. Additional issues that would require a lift include:

  • Your sinus cavity is too close to your upper jaw, which would interfere with the tooth implant
  • The loss of the tooth being replaced has resulted in weakened bone structure
  • Periodontitis or other forms of gum disease have corroded your jaw
  • You have a congenital birth defect that naturally leads to loss of bone structure or weakened jaw

An oral surgeon or a professional dentist is the only one who can properly determine if a sinus augmentation is the correct course of action for you.

Consult With a Professional Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Today

A sinus augmentation procedure does not have to be scary or break the bank, especially when you partner with Union City Oral Surgery Group. Our team of experts has been educated in some of the best schools across the country, allowing us to offer the best possible oral health services in the state.

Our doctors take a people-first approach, meaning we will support you through every single step of the process. It also means we understand how expensive oral surgery can be, and how easy the decision may be to try and skip out on it. However, we work alongside you and your insurance company to ensure you are receiving the most out of your insurance reimbursement, making your time spent with us both affordable and painless.

Don’t wait any longer. To begin the process with one of our specially-trained doctors today, feel free to give our Elizabeth office a call at (908) 585-4990 or fill out our online contact form for more information.

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