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There is no way to fight back against the forces of time; We are invariably going to age. There are, however, ways to control how we age. If you are contending with fine lines and wrinkles and want to restore some of your youthful vigor, you may consider the benefits of microneedling treatment.

Our office offers microneedling treatments in Elizabeth, NJ, which allow clients to take back control over their personal appearances. You can learn more about our services and determine whether or not they may benefit you by scheduling a consultation with our estheticians. 

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling allows you to increase the growth of collagen throughout your face and other treated areas to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our team uses sterilized needles to remove scars, increase the appearance of youthfulness, and even reduce the size of a person’s pores.

Microneedling most often qualifies as an aesthetic surgery. This means it is rare for an insurance provider to help you cover the cost of treatment. That said, you can work with our team to discuss what the price of your service may be and how it might fit within your current insurance policy.

How Does Microneedling Work?

Microneedling in Elizabeth, NJ is said to encourage collagen production in the treated area. Collagen is known as the material that makes up the skin, fingernails, and hair. The facilitation of increased collagen production, particularly as a patient ages, ensures the skin remains elastic and hair growth continues despite hormonal fluctuations or diet. 

Who Needs Elizabeth, NJ Microneedling?

It is rare for a medical professional to recommend microneedling as an essential treatment. That said, the parties who can benefit from Elizabeth microneedling treatment range from anyone looking to increase the elasticity of the skin on their face to parties contending with age-old scars.

More specifically, certain parties have used microneedling to contend with hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and alopecia. You can discuss the benefits of Elizabeth, NJ microneedling with a general practitioner or with an experienced esthetician, depending on your availability and motivation. 

More specifically, microneedling has proved more effective than laser treatments for clients of color. If you have a darker skin tone, laser treatment may not respond as well to your needs, whereas microneedling does not rely on the distinction between the treatment area and the rest of a patient’s skin. 

What Are The Benefits of Microneedling?

You can use microneedling to address a myriad of problems. As such, no two microneedling treatments are alike. Instead, The increased production of collagen is said to reduce the appearance of scars, make the face look younger, and improve the health of the skin. 

Most parties use microneedling to address concerns they may have regarding the appearance of their face. That said, the benefits of microneedling do not stop at the face. Patients have reported using microneedling to contend with worrisome spots on the thighs, sides, and arms. 

How to Prepare for an Elizabeth, NJ Microneedling Procedure

Many estheticians recommend you stop taking certain medications prior to your Elizabeth, NJ microneedling treatment. Pain medications and Accutane can both negatively impact the microneedling process. 

It is also in your best interest to come to an Elizabeth microneedling session without any makeup or lotion on your face. We will have to remove those products before the procedure begins. 

There is no need to fast prior to an Elizabeth microneedling session. However, because the sessions can take a reasonable amount of time, make sure you go to the bathroom and are otherwise comfortable prior to the beginning of the procedure. 

The average microneedling session lasts between 45 minutes and an hour. Make sure you block out the appropriate amount of time in your schedule to fully address your concerns. You can discuss what amount of time you may need to designate for your treatments with a professional ahead of time.

Recovering From a Microneedling Procedure

Any party pursuing a microneedling procedure should understand that it will take a few days to recover from the treatment. Most parties have to contend with some manner of bleeding or bruising immediately following their treatment. 

However, the side effects tend not to last more than two days. Parties who see extended side effects of this sort should reach out to their doctor as soon as possible. 

With that in mind, prepare to take a few days to recover from your treatment. Do your best to avoid applying makeup or any other lotions that might further irritate your face. It is also in your best interest to use non-irritating sunscreen for at least a week after your treatment, as your skin may be more sun sensitive. 

Schedule a Consultation With the Microneedling Experts at Elizabeth Oral Surgery Group Today

If you want to take steps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your face, you can meet with the Elizabeth, NJ, team to discuss the benefits of microneedling. Our Elizabeth, NJ microneedling treatment allows you to feel more comfortable in your skin.

Contact our office by calling (908) 774-8196 or by reaching out to our team online. Once you’ve scheduled a consultation with our team, you can learn more about our microneedling services and how they may benefit your quest for self-actualization.