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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery in Elizabeth, NJ

When you are looking to be fitted with dentures or another form of prosthetic tooth replacement, your oral surgeon will devise a unique plan of action that includes preparatory treatments and procedures. Also referred to as pre-prosthetic oral and maxillofacial surgery, this category of procedures refers to any range of actions which may be necessary to prepare a patient and their mouth for future restorations. These are commonly fairly minor and quick procedures that involve quick healing times.

For your pre-prosthetic and prosthetic needs, look no further than the team at Elizabeth Oral Surgery Group. We have proudly served the state of New Jersey for many years now and are pleased to be able to offer a state-of-the-art facility with a team specifically trained in the art of minimally invasive surgical procedures. Your oral health is our top priority, and we will do everything in our power to have you leave with a happy and healthy smile. 

The Benefits of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery is often a cost-effective surgical procedure which can be performed in our office in a timely and efficient manner. Your unique treatment plan will utilize these procedures in order to help create a sturdy foundation for your new dentures or tooth prosthetics. This not only helps with your overall oral health, but also helps ensure that your dentures fit correctly and do not cause you discomfort. Your oral surgeon will perform an initial examination to determine what exactly needs to be performed before you can be officially fitted with your prosthetics. 

Smoothed gums and professionally extracted teeth can help improve the appearance of your dentures and make them seem less bulky and more natural. For example, if you need dentures or prosthetics due to gum disease, it is possible that you will need to have gum contouring done, as well as extractions, scaling, and other forms of treatment. This preparatory work helps to ensure your mouth is healthy and that you are able to chew, bite, and speak as normally as possible after your prosthetic work is complete. 

Different Kinds of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Elizabeth Oral Surgery Group Offers

Depending on your desired outcomes and prosthesis, your oral surgeon may recommend many different kinds of pre-prosthetic surgery, each with a unique purpose. Common examples of different kinds the team at Elizabeth Oral Surgery Group can help you with include the following: 

  • Bone smoothing: Tooth extraction or loss can result in ragged bone fragments left behind. A surgeon will use their tools to smooth the area to make a more natural and comfortable shape for implants. 
  • Tori and palatal reduction: Tori are harmless, large bone fragments. They typically occur in the roof of the mouth or under the tongue. These will be removed. 
  • Frenectomy: The frenulum is excessive soft tissue that can be trimmed or removed to help with tongue or movement restrictions. 
  • Ridge augmentation: This is a bone graft to help rebuild any weakened bone or tissue. 
  • Vestibuloplasty: This procedure will help build up an insufficient alveolar ridge.
  • Extractions: Your oral surgeon can help professionally remove any compacted, injured, or rotting teeth. 
  • Alveoplasty: This procedure helps recontour the alveolar bone. 

Depending on the specifics of your unique restorative plan, your oral and maxillofacial surgeon is likely to recommend more than one form of pre-prosthetic surgical procedure. These surgical procedures are best performed either in conjunction with the extraction of teeth or at least six weeks prior to the formation stage of the denture process, which includes impressions and personalized fittings.

This six-week time frame helps guarantee more accurate and long-lasting results for your dentures or prosthetics. For the specifics of your treatment, your oral surgeon will talk you through all necessary procedures, wait times, and any necessary steps to take before, such as the temporary pausing of a specific medication that could affect your surgical outcomes. 

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At Elizabeth Oral Surgery Group, our mission is to deliver affordable, tailored, and cutting-edge dental solutions to our local community, including you. Our journey commences with a comprehensive oral assessment and a consultation, where we delve into your individual aspirations and desired results. Following this, our exceptionally skilled team of dental experts will craft a customized treatment plan for any required pre-prosthetic surgeries and initiate your personalized care.

We understand the apprehension that can accompany dental issues and the prospect of surgical intervention. That’s why we will stand by your side throughout the entire process, from the initial examination to the final checkup. We’ll even help you get the most out of your insurance reimbursement as possible. To take the first step toward your ideal smile, set up your consultation today. You can reach us at (908) 663-5309 or fill out our online contact form.