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Crown Lengthening Procedure

A crown is an easy and effective way to cover a once-infected tooth. The process to receive a crown is fairly simple and generally involves a fitting. It’s likely you will need both your tooth and gum to be resized and contoured to be properly prepared for the crown placement. This process is called crown lengthening. 

Crown lengthening is not only specific to crown fittings. In fact, any contouring of the gum and bone is known as crown lengthening. The idea is to expose more of the natural tooth from the gum tissue. This may be done because of infection, for aesthetic reasons, or to fit a crown. It’s a quick process that can be easily performed by professional oral surgeons at Union City Oral Surgery Group. 

Reasons to Receive Crown Lengthening 

There are many reasons people receive crown lengthenings, with some of the most popular reasons include: 


For those with “gummy” smiles, crown lengthening is a popular option to reveal more of the tooth. Your excess gum can be shaved down to expose more of the natural tooth underneath. This will create a more symmetrical look to your smile, and you will not have to worry about the gum growing back. Though your mouth will need time to properly heal, the results are immediate. 

Gum Infection

If you are currently experiencing gum disease or have infected gums due to gingivitis or periodontitis, a crown lengthening can be used to eradicate the problem areas and give the healthy parts of the teeth and gum room to breathe and recover. This is similar to a gingivectomy, which is used to remove enlarged parts of your gum. 

Gum disease is not cured through a crown lengthening or gingivectomy, and you will need to continue to take active steps to fully recover. This can include other procedures, prescription medications, and professional cleanings. Make sure you meet with a specialist to determine what treatment may work best for you.

Prepare for Fitting

If you need more space between your jawbone and your upcoming dental crown, a crown lengthening may also be performed. This keeps your new crown, your gum tissue, and your bone safe from overcrowding damage. Depending on the number of crowns you are receiving and what needs to be done, this process can vary in length. Soft tissue, like your gums, will take less time to remove than bone will. 

If you have any existing crowns, they will be removed and possibly resized to match the new dental crown fitting you are receiving. 

Why Partner With Union City Oral Surgery Group? 

When you have decided to have a major oral procedure, it’s imperative you have a team of qualified doctors to turn to. Union City Oral Surgery Group has served Elizabeth for many years, providing unbeatable client care when it comes to the community’s oral and maxillofacial needs. Some of the various perks our clients have enjoyed include the following: 

Cost-Effective Services

Oral health maintenance can be expensive. In fact, it’s one of the top reasons many people don’t immediately reach out and get help the second they notice a problem with their teeth or gums. Union City Oral Surgery Group understands this deeply and will work alongside you to find the most cost-effective and affordable option possible, without compromising your oral health. 

Our people-first approach to the world of oral and maxillofacial surgery means we are there with you for every step of the process, from the initial consultation all the way to the end, when we will personally help you receive the most out of your insurance reimbursement. 

Painless and Quick

Our team of doctors has spent their careers fine-tuning their skills with the most up-to-date technology available. This, combined with minimally-invasive procedure techniques, allows for a quick and painless surgical experience. Instead of long recovery times, piles of various prescription medications, and large recovering wounds in your mouth and on your face, we will work hard to make sure your recovery is as painless and quick as possible. 

In-house anesthesia allows you to leave the same day and be up and operating within hours of your surgery. Union City Oral Surgery Group prioritizes your comfort and your health and would love to help with any specific accommodations you may need to make the experience as convenient and easy as possible. 

Considering Crown Lengthening in Elizabeth, NJ? Speak to a Professional Oral Surgeon Today

Don’t put off getting that procedure any longer. Speak with a dedicated oral surgeon at Union City Oral Surgery Group today. We can help determine the best possible route for any ache, pain, or cosmetic desire as well. All of our services are customized to your specific needs, leading to a tailored, one-of-a-kind experience. We always make our patients’ needs our top priority.

To begin the process today and speak with a real, compassionate oral healthcare professional, please give our Elizabeth site a call at (908) 585-4990 or fill out our contact form from the comfort of your own home. 

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