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Tips For Alleviating Dental Fear

Patient scared of dental procedure

For some, a visit to the dentist can evoke many emotions, from mild anxiety to intense panic. These negative feelings can lead to postponed or canceled dental appointments, resulting in neglect of essential oral care. Regular dentist visits are crucial to your overall health, but fear can significantly hinder your ability to prioritize it. However, it is vital to remember that you are not alone in this struggle. There are many strategies you can apply to overcome your dental fear. 

One of the most important steps you can take to overcome your fear and take control of your oral health is choosing the right dentist or oral surgeon. At Union City Oral Surgery Group, our compassionate specialists understand the fear and anxiety some individuals feel at the dentist and will work with you to ensure your comfort and safety. We personalize our treatment plans to each patient’s unique needs so that you can have confidence we are here to support you. 

4 Strategies for Relieving Dental Fear

Dental fear can come from various sources, from PTSD to dentophobia. Regardless of the source of your anxiety, there are several steps you can take to cope and continue to care for your oral health. A few strategies we recommend include the following:

Choose the Right Oral Surgeon For You

One of the first steps you can take to address your dental anxiety is to find a dentist or oral surgeon who makes you feel comfortable and confident. Every member of our team at Union City Oral Surgery Group, from our office staff to our team of adept oral surgeons, is dedicated to providing compassionate care and unparalleled results. We will work with you throughout every step of your treatment journey to ensure that your procedures are as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Don’t Be Afraid to Discuss Your Concerns

Whether your dental anxiety is mild or severe, it is helpful to both you and us to let your dental specialist know. If you communicate your concerns, we can help mitigate them by fully explaining what to expect during treatment, tailoring our approach to your unique needs, and building accommodations and other supports into your care plan.

Bring a Friend or Family Member to Support You

For additional emotional support during your appointment, consider bringing someone you love, like a trusted friend, family member, or romantic partner. Bringing a loved one can help reduce your fear and stress, and their familiar presence may be able to soothe your nerves enough to complete your visit with confidence. 

Ask Your Surgeon About Sedation Options

If your dental fears and anxiety significantly hinder your ability to receive care, it is essential to discuss potential sedation options with your surgeon or dentist. Our team is qualified to administer a wide array of sedation methods depending on your level of stress and the nature of your procedure. We are here to help you receive treatment in the most comfortable setting possible. 

Discuss Your Oral Health Needs with a Skilled Specialist From Union City Oral Surgery Group

At Union City Oral Surgery Group, our trusted oral specialists are here to guide you through your treatment journey and address your dental fears. We personalize every treatment plan to our client’s medical and emotional needs and can support you throughout the process. When you choose one of our specialists, you can have peace of mind that your health is in compassionate and dependable hands. 

To discuss your needs with a member of our team, call us at (908) 663-5309 or complete our contact form today.