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The Pros and Cons of Implant Retained Dentures


Implant-retained dentures are dental appliances used for replacing missing teeth. Unlike traditional removable dentures that are more commonly associated with the elderly, implant-supported dentures improve the effectiveness of the treatment, allowing them to eat as if they had their own teeth once again. Due to their effectiveness, they’ve become increasingly popular.

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Implant Retained Dentures: Pros and Cons 

Like with any type of medical procedure, there are pros and cons to implant-retained dentures. It’s important to go over the benefits and possible risks with a trusted oral surgeon who is as committed to your best interests as you are. At Elizabeth Oral Surgery Group, we make sure our patients feel confident that they’re making well-informed decisions about their oral health.

Some pros of implant-retained dentures include:

Implants Preserve Jawbone and Are More Stable

When dentures have been worn for years, a person’s facial features can collapse with time. Permanent dentures help maintain jawbone height and width, allowing a person to preserve a more vibrant and younger-looking appearance, along with better overall bone and oral health. 

Preserving the supporting bone structure through full or partial dentures also hides fine lines and premature wrinkling. Furthermore, implant-retained dentures rely partly on the jawbone and gum tissue for support, helping make the implant dentures more stable for better functionality.

No More Adhesives

Denture adhesives can be the bane of any person wearing dentures. They’re messy, difficult to remove from the dentures and gums, and they add up to be significantly costly over time. Additionally, they can be potentially hazardous to the wearer’s health. With implant-retained dentures, there’s no need for adhesives because they’re secured in place with the implant attachments.

Fewer Dietary Restrictions

Implant-retained dentures are attached directly to the implant post, making them function more like natural teeth. Therefore, patients can eat and enjoy foods that they would otherwise need to avoid with removable dentures. 

On the other hand, some possible cons of implant-retained dentures include:


Implant-retained dentures are typically more costly than traditional dentures without including the cost of the initial treatment. Maintenance and replacement dentures can also cost more than traditional dentures. Often, the price is a significant deterrent to fixed implants as opposed to removable dentures. However, implant dentures are an investment that will enable a person to enjoy more and get better results. 

Not A Suitable Solution for Everyone

Unfortunately, not every patient is able to have dental implants placed to help secure their dentures. Although it’s possible to perform bone augmentation to address the issue of loss of bone, some patients have too little bone for the procedure to be successful. Furthermore, some patients may have gum diseases or other health issues, such as uncontrolled diabetes or chronic autoimmune disease, which precludes patients from receiving bone grafting or dental implant placement.  

Requires a Surgical Procedure

Understandably, many patients fear surgical procedures of any kind. There’s a period of recovery and healing that can seem too much on top of the fear of the surgery itself. Fortunately, working with the right dental specialists can ensure your fears are assuaged and answer any questions you may have. 

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